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Press Kit

About the Developer

Team Cats & Bears is Johnny Wallbank, a solo indie developer who’s worked in the games industry since 2009.

After almost 10 years as lead designer on games such as Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade and Drop Dead, Johnny started Team Cats & Bears as a break from a sometimes cynical games market.

Team Cats & Bears' mission is to make games that are bright, upbeat and inclusive while remaining focused on crafting quality, curated gameplay experiences over monetisation and grinding.


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If you're interested in reviewing or showcasing Bubbles the Cat on your Youtube channel or Twitch stream, I'd love to hear from you.

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Game Description

Team Cats & Bears’ first game is Bubbles the Cat, a single-button platformer featuring video gaming's cutest feline protagonist.

Having fallen into a mysterious portal, you control Bubbles through over 100 levels of delightful platforming action, bouncing through bright and colourful worlds using magical bubbles that change up the gameplay. Blow up walls, bob through dangerous hazards or switch between dimensions… all using just a single input.

The simplified control system is designed to be enjoyed by as many people as possible regardless of experience or disability; all whilst retaining the depth and challenge more hardcore gamers have come to expect from the genre using bonus objectives, unlockable hidden levels and new game modes.

Players are also regularly rewarded for in-game achievements with unlockable customisation options such as hats, colours and trails. No microtransactions here!


Single-button indie arcade platformer


PC - Steam Store

iOS - App Store

Other platforms - TBD



Download zip file of all screenshots

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Logos and illustrations

Download zip file of all logos and illustrations

logo_illustration_0 logo_illustration_1 logo_illustration_2 logo_illustration_3 logo_illustration_4 logo_illustration_5 logo_illustration_6 logo_illustration_7